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UC browser is a popular mobile browser worldwide with attractive features like privacy, navigational fluidity and speed increment.

UC browser is a fantastic mobile browser from UCWeb Inc, a Chinese mobile internet company. It is available for free download on a number of platforms including iOS, Windows phones, Android, JAVA me, Symbian and BlackBerry. According to StatCounter, a web traffic analysis tool, UC browser is currently the second most used mobile browser worldwide.


UC browser Features

  • The video for all tastes: It allows users to watch online videos, movies and TV shows at high quality and in speed mode. These videos include war films, action, anime, trailers, clips, girls and more.
  • Smart downloads: UC browser uses powerful servers that support fast and stable downloads. Other added advantages include: if the browser drops the connection, it will continue to download the files from the breakpoints. You can pause or resume downloads. The download process continues in the background, even if you are going to close the browser. The download manager sorts the downloaded files automatically and according to the file types. It places them in their respective folders.
  • Ad-block: The expanding ad-block feature is effective in blocking most ads. The latest version reports the ads instantly. This feature enables you stay focused and surf the web faster.
  • Fast mode: The browser’s servers act like a proxy in compressing web pages data before it can send them to users. The process helps the web content to load faster and save your precious data bundles. The text only mode also saves more internet data.
  • Fast and stable navigation: UC browser does not hang. It speeds up navigation process and makes it more stable.
  • Control videos with simple gestures: The video brightness, progress and volume are all controlled with ease through gestures.
  • Facebook mode: UC browser’s unique features are effective in speeding up Facebook. Even if your internet speed is low, UC browser will definitely find a way to boost the speed.
  • Night mode: The night mode allows users to access and read the web contents comfortably at night. This feature saves battery as well.


  • The speed dial offers all users a quick access to their favorite websites. There are also shortcuts for all the popular websites, which are located on the homepage.
  • Tabbed browsing feature allows you to browse multiple pages quickly and with ease.
  • With just a tap of a button, you are able to move to the full-screen browsing and view website contents clearly.
  • The browser is easy to use. You don’t have to be an expert to understand how it operates. Furthermore, it features a simple user interface that has everything you would like in the browser homepage.
  • You can save pages for offline reading.
  • It stores the last page that you opened so that no data is wasted for reloading it every time.
  • The transparent mode enables users to replace all the white space on the browsers sides with backgrounds of their choice.
  • There are a variety of attractive themes and background wallpapers available online. These are specially designed for UC browser.


  • There are a lot of paid shortcuts on the browser’s homepage which are mixed with useful links.

Final Thoughts

Your best browsing device or mobile phone is based on the type of browser you use to surf the web. If you want to experience maximum speed, privacy, navigational fluidity and other attractive features, then you should download and install UC browser on your mobile phone.


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